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Do you often walk by your fireplace and feel cold or hot air (depending on the season) coming in through the opening, even when the doors are closed? Your damper could be the problem. Throat dampers are metal components that close when the fireplace is not being used and open up to allow smoke and byproducts to exit the chimney when the fireplace is in use. The problem is, even if the damper isn’t damaged and doesn’t break or rust into place (two common problems with throat dampers), it doesn’t provide a quality seal. Metal on metal seals have never been airtight, and throat dampers are no different — they allow outside air to come in and conditioned air from inside your house to exit. That’s why you feel cold or hot air coming in through your fireplace and it may be why your heating and cooling bills are higher than they should be. But don’t worry — there’s a solution that will save you money and put a stop to the downdrafts: a top-sealing damper.

Top-sealing dampers are dampers that rely on rubberized gaskets to seal the chimney up at the top of the flue, instead of down in the throat of the system. They’re attached where a chimney cap would typically be installed, but they can be easily opened using a handle, much like you may be used to with your throat damper. Because of the rubberized seal, these dampers keep outside air out of your chimney and home and inside air where it belongs: inside. In fact, many homeowners see energy savings that pay for the cost of the top-sealing damper within a year or so. And since they perform the job of a chimney cap and a damper, you won’t need to invest in a new cap either — the top-mount or top-sealing damper will keep moisture and animals out just as well!

Lock-Top & Lyemance Dampers

Here at Complete Chimney & Fireplace Solutions, we’re proud to sell and install Lyemance and Lock-Top dampers, which are the leading top-sealing dampers on the market. The main difference between the two is that the Lyemance damper is a low-profile, black damper that pops open, without moving from its location, while the Lock-Top damper is a stainless steel and cast aluminum damper that springs up when open. Both are great and both will do the job!

We also install throat dampers, so if you’re simply looking to replace your broken or rusted throat damper with a new one, we can take care of that for you as well — just ask!

Ready to have your damper replaced? Give us a call at 201-444-4752 or click here and we’ll take care of it for you!


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Lock-Top Dampers

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