We Offer Virtual Chimney Assessments & In-Home Consultations To Better Serve Our Customers!

In an effort to better serve our customers, we’re pleased to offer free estimates/virtual chimney assessments, as well as in-home consultations. What’s the difference and which do you need?

Great question. Let’s take a look…

Free Estimates/Virtual Chimney Assessments

Our free estimates/virtual chimney assessments are designed to save you time and money, and to provide you with a general overview/rough estimate of your chimney’s/fireplace’s condition and needs. The entire assessment is completed virtually (we do not visit the home) and accuracy depends on the accuracy of the information and photos provided.

A virtual chimney assessment can be a great option for you if you need repairs but don’t think you need service, or if you want to wait to schedule service at the same time as repairs. One thing to remember though, is that these virtual chimney assessments are not meant to replace onsite inspections or safety assessments, and are not intended to speak to the safety and functionality of your chimney and fireplace. An inspection is still required prior to having repairs made, and you bear the full responsibility and risk of using your fireplace and chimney prior to an in-person inspection by a professional.

What do we need to complete a virtual chimney assessment? First, fill out the form below. We’ll also need:

  • a photographic view of the outside of the chimney from the ground to the top
  • a photo of the fireplace from the floor to the ceiling, including the hearth width
  • a close-up photo of the firebox or stove
  • an upshot of the chimney from inside the firebox (with the damper open)

This should be done for all of the chimneys/fireplaces in the home. Once you’ve got everything together, send it in an email to office@completecfs.com. If we still need more information to complete the virtual chimney assessment, we’ll let you know.

Note: If we arrive at an onsite inspection and discover that the problem is different from what was shown in the images or videos provided, or that there are other issues that we were unable to identify virtually, we reserve the right to adjust the assessment.

In-Home Consultations

If you’re looking for a more clearly defined scope of work, a more in-depth evaluation, and a more detailed and accurate quote, you’ll need to schedule an In-home consultation, which is a paid service. You’ll still need to start out by completing the form below and emailing any pertinent information to office@completecfs.com. Once we receive everything, we’ll call you for a brief phone consultation and schedule an in-home consultation. The fee for this consultation is non-refundable, but it is applied to the deposit and overall cost of the job.

During the in-home consultation, we’ll perform a full site analysis, assist with material selection, determine the formal scope of work and timeframe, and provide you with a written quote for the project. We work with some great architects, designers, and engineers, so if the project requires their assistance and expertise, rest assured you’re working with the best. Once you’ve approved the quoted price, signed the contract, and provided a deposit, we’ll schedule the work so we can get started ASAP.


Quotes are written offers that specify a price for the work needed. These are provided after an in-home consultation or inspection, so you know exactly what the project or repairs will cost. Have questions? We’d be happy to answer them. Simply call us at (201) 444-4752.

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