With fall comes more frequent fireplace use but if your chimney is stinking things up, you’re probably not too eager to light a fire any time soon. If you need help locating the source of bad chimney odors, count on our team to handle it. We’ll find the problem and resolve it quickly, so you’re back to feeling comfortable and at peace in your home, evening after evening.

Creosote Accumulation & Other DebrisReasons for Bad Chimney Odors - Bergen County NJ - Complete Chimney

If there’s a lot of creosote built up within your chimney, you’re bound to notice some nasty smells from time to time. Creosote is known for producing less than desirable odors within the home and, if it’s especially hot or humid out, these smells will likely be more prominent.

Other debris can pile up over time such as leaves, twigs, and dirt, all of which will can easily cause bad smells to occur. Fortunately, both creosote and excess debris can be addressed when you schedule a sweeping. With our certified team on the job, you won’t have to worry about anything getting left behind, and when all is said and done you’ll have a better functioning, odor-free, and safer-to-use chimney.

Animal Decay

Another reason you may experience odors is when, unbeknownst to you, a woodland critter has made their way into your chimney and passed away. This will obviously start stinking up the place in a hurry as drafts pull the polluted air into your home. Even live animals cause bad odors when they leave behind feces. Either way, you’ll way to get rid of the creature fast, then call in our team of experts to inspect and sweep your system.

It’s always best to ensure nothing is in your chimney that shouldn’t be before lighting up fires. With temperatures dropping and fall and winter weather coming soon, the time to invest in your annual maintenance is now. Call us in for your inspection, and we’ll get you squared away soon. Your home will smell fresher, and your fireplace will be ready and safer to use in no time.


If there’s a lot of moisture in your system, you’ll likely notice some musty smells. Water in your chimney is not only bad for your nostrils… it’s bad for the health of your masonry, too! As things break down and decay, your fireplace will become unsafe for regular use in a hurry and the longer you wait the worse things will get.

Let us resolve your current struggles with leaks and excess moisture, then provide you with the preventative maintenance necessary for eliminating issues altogether. We’re happy to help and between waterproofing, chimney cap installation, flashing repair, and more, we’re sure to leave you with a stronger set-up, no matter what.

The time to call is now. Contact our experts today!