Is your chimney flashing looking a bit worse for the wear? Then have our team of certified chimney sweeps fix you up as soon as possible. We’re trained and equipped to ensure damaged flashing doesn’t put your home or fireplace at risk. Call on the crew at Complete Chimney & Fireplace Solutions today!

What Is Flashing?Importance of Chimney Flashing - Bergen County NJ - Complete Chimney

Not sure what flashing is or where is it placed? Flashing is a sheet of metal that is put by your chimney to minimize water damage. It actually covers the area where your roofing materials meet your chimney materials. Why is this area vulnerable? Because, since your roof and chimney are made from different things, they expand and contract at different rates. This often leaves gaps and openings where water can easily enter.

When flashing is placed in this area, no moisture can get in and cause damage to your home or fireplace. There’s no doubt about it… properly installed flashing is a must!

Why Is My Flashing Damaged?

Flashing installation isn’t a job that should be left to an amateur. If it was put in improperly or if the company you hired tried to cut corners, it will break down well before it should. Incorrectly installed components is a major reason homeowners see issues sooner than they should, and it can be frustrating when you pay for work that wasn’t done well.

Bad weather can also cause your flashing to malfunction. Too much rain will trigger rust, hail can cause dents, and strong winds can cause it to separate from your structure. Other times, it’s curious animals that trigger problems by messing with it and making it less secure.

No matter what the culprit was behind your damages, it is important to work with sweeps that know what they are doing. Poor installation can lead to some big problems, and the last thing anyone needs in the middle of winter is water damage in their home.

Our crew is CSIA certified, so we’ve got your back, no matter what. This, combined with our many memberships and three and a half decades of experience, ensures we are fully equipped to handle anything thrown our way. Relax with peace of mind and confidence when we’re on the job. We’ll have you fixed up right in no time!

Still Have Leaks?

If we fix up your flashing, but you are still having issues with leaks, there are a number of things that might need our attention. Whether your brickwork needs waterproofing, your chimney cap need replacing, or your crown needs some repair work done, we can help you out. Give us a call and get your inspection scheduled today!