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We don’t expect you to spend time up on your roof inspecting your chimney crown – after all, that’s our job! But do you know whether or not your crown is still in good condition? Is it still keeping water out of your chimney masonry? Annual chimney inspections are a great way to stay in the know and be alerted to any chimney crown damage before you develop a leak. But if you already have a leak, you don’t care what you could have done to prevent it – you just want it fixed. And we can help!

Chimney Crown Repair

We Address Common Crown Problems & Provide Expert Crown Replacement

Complete Chimney & Fireplace Solutions’ team of certified professionals knows what causes chimney crowns to fail and what goes into the making of a quality, long-lasting crown. We’ll carefully inspect your crown and identify any weaknesses or flaws:

  • Cracks & Holes – Cracks are common in crowns, especially if they have been taking in a lot of water. When temperatures rise and fall, any moisture that’s been absorbed by the crown can contract and expand, forcing the crown itself to crack. Although hairline cracks may not be that big of a concern, if they’re left unrepaired they can enlarge over time and lead to much bigger, more threatening cracks. Holes in the crown of your chimney can be the result of water damage or insect damage and can allow moisture down into the crown and chimney.
  • Poor Craftsmanship & Low-Quality Materials – When you think about it, the crown offers a lot of protection but really has nothing to protect it, which is why it needs to be properly built. In order to face the rain, snow, sleet, and sun, day in and day out, and keep the masonry of the chimney and the flashing protected against water damage, the crown should be at least 3 inches thick at its thinnest point, made of quality cement and mesh, and should extend past the chimney stack at least a couple of inches on all sides. To prevent moisture from settling atop the crown and causing damage, the crown will also need to be slightly sloped.

If hairline cracks are the problem, we can repair and seal them with CrownSeal, which will keep moisture out and prevent those cracks from expanding — and it carries a 10-year warranty!

If we find that your chimney crown is cracked beyond repair or was not properly built and is therefore ineffective, we can replace your crown with a new properly constructed one. Our team has years of expert masonry experience and we stand behind each and every chimney crown replacement we perform.

For more information or to schedule an appointment to have your chimney crown replaced, call 201-444-4752 today or fill out our online appointment request form!


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