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Is the ceiling around your chimney discolored and water damaged? Your roof may not be to blame! The area where your chimney exits the roof is vulnerable to leaks, which is why proper flashing is such a vital component of the chimney system. If a flashing leak is causing water damage to your home, Complete Chimney & Fireplace Solutions’ team of certified chimney professionals can put a stop to it and prevent problems down the line by repairing your flashing properly and professionally.

What Is Chimney Flashing And What Does It Do?

Flashing simply refers to the metal sheets that are layered along your chimney base and roof where the two meet. These sheets of metal are typically installed in an L shape and step pattern and can be strategically placed and layered to offer customized protection to the chimney and roof.

There are, however, some factors that can prevent flashing from protecting this vulnerable area and doing its job of keeping water out:

  • New Roof – Because flashing is designed to be layered and to continue from the roof to the chimney when a new roof is installed, it can interfere with the flashing and its effectiveness. If you’ve recently had a new roof installed and haven’t had your flashing inspected, it’s possible that the flashing was loosened or lifted, or that gaps exist between the flashing and the new roof.
  • Weather & Animals – Strong winds, hail, animals, and other external elements can also negatively impact your flashing. Rain can rust through flashing, hail and fallen tree limbs can cause dents, strong winds can lift and separate, and animals can cause damage to flashing as well.
  • Poor Installation – In order to effectively prevent water entry, flashing must be strategically placed and customized to fit snugly with each chimney and roof. Unfortunately, not everyone knows what they’re doing. If the individual who installed your flashing left gaps, rises or used poor materials or excessive nail holes, you could have a leak in just a short time.
Chimney Flashing

We’re Here To Put A Stop To Your Flashing Leak!

Do you have leaky flashing? Whether you live in Morristown, Newark, Jersey City, or Hackensack, when you need quality flashing repairs that are beautiful and effective, there’s only one number you need to call: 201-444-4752. We’re here to help!

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Crown repair or replacement could be exactly what’s needed to prevent water, animals or debris from clogging up your chimney. Talk to us about our other relining and restoration services.

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