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When it comes to the safety and efficiency of your chimney system, the flue liner plays an irreplaceable role. Not only does it contain the high heat of the fire (protecting nearby masonry and combustibles), but it also works to encourage adequate airflow (so that the appliance can perform properly), and direct smoke and byproducts up the chimney and out of the house. It’s a tough job, and the flue liner can take quite a beating, regardless of material. For this reason, flue liners may need to be repaired or replaced.

If you have a clay tile flue liner, we may be able to repair and restore your liner with a revolutionary product known as HeatShield®. This system is specially formulated for chimney flues and provides a cost-effective and durable solution to damaged clay flue liners.

What We Look For & How HeatShield® Is Used

When we inspect your chimney, we’ll take a close look at the flue liner to determine the extent of damage and the necessary restoration method. We may find that your flue liner is:

  • cracking or decaying in some areas (but still structurally sound)
  • cracking or decaying all over (but still structurally sound)
  • cracking or decaying and beyond simple repairs

If your liner is in the first category, we’ll simply create a customized foam applicator and use it to smooth the HeatShield® product into and over the individual cracks or holes.

If your liner is in the second category, we’ll create a customized foam applicator, place it at the bottom of the chimney, apply a tie coat (and let it dry), pour in the HeatShield® product, and smooth the product over the entire surface of the liner.

If your liner is in the third category, we may opt to use the HeatShield® product, along with a sleeve. In this case, we apply a tie coat (and let it dry), use our special foam applicator to apply a layer of HeatShield®, drop in the sleeve, and then apply another layer of HeatShield® over top. The result: you essentially have a brand new liner!

Regardless of the method we use, our technicians will go back through with a video camera and make sure that the chimney is fully repaired, restored, and ready for use.

Heatshield Sleeve Relining System

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