We Can Reline Your Chimney Quickly & Professionally With Long-Lasting Stainless Steel

The part of the chimney that lines the entire flue and is responsible for containing the heat and byproducts of fire is known as the flue liner. Typically, these liners are made from metal or clay tiles, which can withstand a great deal of high heat and abuse. Not all flue liner materials are created equal, however, and when damage or decay is present, it’s time to reline.

The Demanding Job Of A Chimney Liner

The chimney liner is important for several reasons:

  • It protects the masonry of your chimney from corrosive byproducts and the high heat of a fire.
  • It keeps nearby combustibles from being exposed to the high heat and loose sparks of fire.
  • It encourages draft and guides smoke and other byproducts up and out of your chimney.

Flue liners can also be used to decrease the amount of space in the flue so that the flue is more compatible with the appliance using the chimney. In fact, this is one of the many reasons you may need a flue relined.

Stainless Steel Relining

When It’s Time To Reline

Reasons for relining your flue may include the following:

  • Corrosion, holes, cracks or gaps may be present as a result of a weather occurrence, an animal intrusion, high heat/use, age, or neglect.
  • You may have a flue that is incompatibly sized for the appliance. Or, you may be replacing your existing appliance with an appliance that burns a different type of fuel – one that your current liner is not designed to vent.
  • You may not have a flue liner! If your home is older or historic, there’s a chance that your chimney was constructed without a flue liner. We know this to be incredibly dangerous and have seen flue liners prevent and/or contain several house fires.

To find out if your chimney’s liner is missing or in need of replacement, schedule an inspection with one of our professional technicians!

The Types Of Liners

The most commonly used liners include clay tile liners, metal liners, and cast-in-place options. Here at Complete Chimney & Fireplace, we reline with stainless steel because of its excellent qualities. Not only is it stronger and more long-lasting than aluminum, but it’s also compatible with all fuel types. And since stainless steel liners can be rigid or flexible and come in a wide range of sizes, they can be used to reline just about any chimney out there.

Resizing the flue, lining a flue that’s never been lined, and making the flue compatible with your new fuel type is easy and affordable with stainless steel, and when professionally installed, most stainless steel liners carry a lifetime warranty. Easy choice!

If your flue liner is damaged, missing, or in need of complete replacement, give us a call at 201-444-4752. We can inspect your chimney system and let you know our recommended solution. You can also request an appointment by clicking here!


We can also repair existing clay tile liners and strengthen damaged clay tile liners with HeatShield®. Find out more here. You can count on our restoration and relining skills, guaranteed.

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