Santa Claus is coming, so it’s time to ensure your chimney is all set and ready to go for his arrival! The big man up north will be here before you know it, so call on the CSIA certified team at Complete Chimney & Fireplace Solutions today, so we can do a thorough sweeping for you this winter. We’re the team to help you out!

Keeping Your Home Safer

If there are one thing families wish for over the holiday season it’s for their loved ones to remain safe and sound throughout the cold months ahead. A fireplace can bring a lot of joy, peace, and comfort, but it must be well-maintained in order to function as efficiently and as safely as possible.

One threat you could face if your system isn’t properly swept is creosote accumulation. The dangers of creosote are very real, and too much of it in your system increases your chances of experiencing a chimney fire. Creosote can take on various forms. It varies between looking ash-like and flake-like, sticky and tar-like, and hard and glossy. No matter which type you have, it’s important to have it regularly removed, and our team can handle the job!

So, what kind of issues does a chimney fire lead to? While they aren’t typically loud or dramatic, chimney fires do a lot of damage to your structure. They’ll weaken your brickwork and mortar significantly, triggering all types of decay and deterioration to occur. This means any future fires that are lit in your fireplace put your family at risk for smoke and carbon monoxide exposure, as well as a house fire. Unfortunately, since a lot of chimney fires aren’t obvious events, many use their chimney without even realizing they’re in a lot of danger!

Another threat associated with a dirty chimney are clogs, which obstruct airflow and decrease efficiency. You won’t get the results you’re hoping for from your fireplace and, eventually, you could face some hazardous gases, like carbon monoxide, leaking into your home. Carbon monoxide is odorless, colorless, and very poisonous. It’s known for causing multiple deaths per year, and it’s hard-to-detect nature only makes it that much more threatening.

We Offer Added Protection

Lower your risk of house fires, carbon monoxide exposure, smoke back-up, and more by calling in our team right away. We offer you the services necessary to ensure your system is safer for use throughout the year, and our expert staff has the tools, technology, and knowledge to offer you the peace of mind you’re searching for.

We urge you to work with us today, so you’re all set and ready to go for Christmas that is soon approaching. Also, be sure to practice fire safety with your loved ones! Invest in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors for your home, and regularly check the batteries to ensure they’re working well. We also advise homeowners to form escape routes from the various rooms of their home and practice them with their loved ones. These plans could save you valuable seconds in the event of an emergency!

Give us a call today to handle all of your chimney and fireplace needs. We love serving you!