Gas Fireplaces — Turn On The Relaxation With The Push Of A Button

With the advancements that have been made in gas-burning fireplaces, it’s no wonder they’re becoming more and more popular among homeowners. After all, who doesn’t love the idea of coming home and effortlessly turning on the fireplace or flipping it on to take the chill off in the evenings? You put in enough work during the workday — take the effort out of the fireside experience with a gas-burning fireplace.

Modern units boast incredible realism, often offer the choice of burning natural gas or propane, and you can’t beat the convenience. When you choose from the best of the best, like Astria, Superior, and Valor, you can be confident you’re going to love your new gas fireplace.

  • Astria vent-free, b-vent, and direct-vent gas fireplaces are available in a range of styles and sizes, so whether you’re looking for something traditional or contemporary, something with an open front or something see-thru, linear, or multi-sided, you’ll find it in Astria. This brand relies on FullFlame™ technology and Infini-Flame™ technology to ensure a beautiful fire, regardless of BTUs. This technology produces flames that are much more natural looking than the flames produced by conventional burners.
  • Superior offers direct vent, vent-free, and b-vent models in a variety of styles, from the traditional open front and contemporary open front to linear, multi-view, and see-thru. Some models feature remote controllable heat and flame, and with the Infini-Flame™ burner, you actually get more flames with each BTU. That means that you can enjoy the beauty of the dancing flames, even when you don’t want a lot of heat from your appliance.
  • Valor direct-vent fireplaces are known as the original radiant gas fireplaces and boast several great advantages, like large viewing spaces, remote controlled heat and flame, safety barrier screens, excellent heat circulation, HeatShift™ technology (which reduces temperatures above the fireplace and is great for those who have a wall mounted TV above the fireplace), and the ability to be used when the power is out. Choose from sleek and modern linear gas fireplaces and traditional, shallow-depth open fireplaces, and enjoy an array of firebed options, like Murano/decorative glass, traditional logs, and pebble beach driftwood.
Gas Fireplace

What’s Better: B-Vent, Direct-Vent, Or Vent-Free?

There isn’t necessarily a “best”, but you may be wondering, what’s right for me — b-vent, direct-vent, or vent-free? Here’s a little about each to help with your decision:

  • Direct-Vent — Direct-Vent appliances don’t need a chimney because they have their own exhaust system, with one pipe pulling air in to feed the fire and one pipe removing exhaust from the home. These exhaust systems don’t have to exit through the roof — a side wall can also be used. What makes direct-vent a great option? It completely eliminates downdrafts and no air from within the home is used by the appliance.
  • B-Vent — B-Vent or Natural Vent appliances rely on a b-vent pipe for exhaust, which must terminate up through the roof. For intake air, b-vent appliances rely on the air inside the home. The downside to b-vent appliances is that you can experience downdrafts and, because it must terminate through the roof, installation could be expensive.
  • Vent-Free — Vent-Free appliances don’t require a chimney or vent pipe at all because the logs used are designed to be highly efficient. The plus side is that installation is simple and quick and the heat produced by the appliance is all contained in the home. But the downside is that those with allergies and sensitivities to smells may find the fumes irritating and vent-free appliances produce moisture which could be a problem for your home. Additionally, the flames produced by vent-free appliances are typically on the smaller side and you don’t have the option of changing your burner or log placement at all.

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